Today, we are bringing to you an interesting fact, to share with you something that no one tells you about the Valley of Flowers trek. As a team, we have been trekking to the Valley of Flowers for over a decade now. We have spent months in Ghangariya at a stretch trying to understand the Valley of Flowers trek.

In the time that we spent there, we came across one of the most valuable insights – The best time to trek to the Valley of Flowers.

That’s right, while the Valley of Flowers trail opens up between June – September every year, we have seen the Valley transform week after week, not just in terms of flowers, but also weather, and the crowd coming in to the valley.

best time to do the valley of flowers trek

When is the best time to trek to the Valley of Flowers?

In 2019, our Founder and Trek Captain Naveen, spent 4 consecutive months, taking over 150+ people to the Valley. The one thing he discovered is the best month to trek to the Valley of Flowers. But before we give you that detail, we want you to experience what the Valley feels like between the months of June – September.

The best part about the Valley of Flowers trek that we discovered was that 400+ species of flowers bloom over a period of 4 months giving you an exhibition of a floral masterpiece.

What is it like to trek to the Valley of Flowers in the month of June?

valley of flowers - best time to trek

Since this is the opening month, you can expect to see some amount of snow on the trail to both Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. You will see a variety of flowers and plants blooming near the glaciers and snow that would be melting quickly. When you trek in June, you will notice a lot of tiny buds erupting all set to bloom in the coming months.

The weather remains cold and as mentioned earlier, you can see patches of ice in the Hemkund Sahib trail and on the Valley of Flowers trail. The skies remain clear during this time and the breeze is pretty pleasant as well.

The trail is less crowded during this month as the Valley would have just opened its gates to trekkers.

What about July then?

While the Valley officially opens up in June, the Valley goes from snow-clad to lush green in July. You can see fresh greenery all around you owing to the rains. Huge colonies of Golden Lily, Anemone Tetrasepla, and Geraniums. And, you will also see a very beautiful and very rear flower called ladies Slipper Orchid. Ask your trek lead to spot this for you.

July is when the monsoons hit the Valley in full swing. While there is slight rainfall in the first week of July, it is after that when you can expect good rainfall. A lot of trekkers prefer this time as they get to experience monsoon trekking in the Himalayas, something that no other trail has to offer.

best time to trek to Valley of Flowers

The trail is least crowded during this month which makes it great for trekkers who are looking for a less crowded trail.

best time to trek to Valley of Flowers

How is the Valley in August?

The best part about the Valley of Flowers is that flowers keep blooming all through the four months. The Valley is carpeted with yellowish to peachish flowers around this time.  The lush greenery from the monsoons adds to the divine beauty of the Valley in this month.

When it comes to the weather, you can expect a few drizzles here and there. Places like Govindghat may see some heavy rainfall, but in the higher altitudes, a good drizzle is what you can expect.

best time to trek to Valley of Flowers

The crowds in the first two weeks of August are quite manageable since our itinerary is crafted in a way that you will be trekking to the Valley and Hemkund Sahib during weekdays and not weekends.

Did you know that another bonus of trekking during this period is that the Badrinath temple, one of India’s char Dham’s remains relatively empty. While the travel to Badrinath & India’s last village Mana is included in our itinerary, the travel here depends solely on weather conditions. If you’re lucky, you can spend more time inside the temple premise, and see the aarti without any disturbance. When it is crowded, you hardly get a minute to stand there.

How is the Valley in September?

best time to trek to Valley of Flowers

September is a beautiful month to trek to the Valley for 2 reasons, 1 – During September all those flowers that have bloomed at the end of August would have matured and you will see more berries. 2 – The skies are super clear and the peaks are all snow-clad again. These berries can be found both in the Valley of Flowers trail as well as the Hemkund Sahib trail. This is definitely a sight to behold. Also, the colors of the Valley will change in a super dramatic way as you can see in the picture below.

You may experience a little drizzle at times, however, you will find the clearest skies during the month. If you’re looking for good long views of the valley, then this is the perfect month to trek in.

best time to trek to Valley of Flowers

The trail is slightly crowded during this month. Mostly because of the pilgrims who come to visit the Gurudwara in September. But we’ve always found solace even in these times as the crowds help motivate you to climb, especially when you’re climbing up to Hemkund Sahib.

If that is the case, why do you see more of July & August being promoted for Valley of Flowers?

The simple reason being – the time between April – June, and September – November are the busiest months for tour operators with the Char Dham tours. July – August will see a dip or nil in Char Dham Tours as it’s the monsoon season. To capitalize during the monsoon season, Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib is promoted. This is primarily why you see July and August being promoted as the best months to do the Valley of Flowers across the internet.

Winding up…

From our experience and observation, we recommend booking your trek any time between June to September as the Valley showcases unparalleled beauty across all months. So, if you ask us what is the best time to do the Valley of Flowers Trek, we would say – picking one month would not do justice to how the Valley unfolds itself in the few months that it opens its arms to trekkers.

But, one thing we can guarantee is that whatever month you choose to do the trek, you will experience the best of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

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