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    There is always a “best way” and “best time” to do something. The same holds for trekking and hence for Everest base camp trek too. When we talk about EBC in specific, the weather plays a crucial role. It’s not just about how the trek would be. A lot of it is also about the availability of flights, transportation issues, random snowfalls, and some landslides too. All considered, Autumn and Spring are considered some of the best times to go for the EBC Trek.

    Let us explore further.

    When is the best time for the Mt Everest Base Camp trek?

    The world’s mightiest mountain range, the Himalayas, encounters a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year. Thus, timing is everything when going to Everest Base Camp trek.

    The autumn and spring seasons have grown popular among adventurers. Both the seasons allow for comfortable trekking and picture-perfect snapshots.

    Let’s look at what you might encounter during the autumn and spring seasons and see if you can get any closer to feeling a specific one calling to your spirit.

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    Everything you need to know about the autumn season trek to Everest Base Camp

    September, October, and November represent the autumn or fall season at Everest Base Camp. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from the EBC trek in this period:

    Pros: Beautiful Mountain Views and Natural Serenity

    Summers result in the snow melting and hence little stream flow. Also, the levels of the existing rivers rise too. This makes for a really serene atmosphere, much like the tunes one pays for and buys on Calm-the app.

    Because of the summer rains, trail dust is much lower in the fall, making the season ideal for hikers who feel discomfort on dusty trails.   

    As the clouds lift, you can experience the crisp, clear, and breathtaking views of the mountains. The skies will reveal panoramas that appear more from an artist’s imagination than reality.

    everest base camp

    These weather conditions are excellent for bird watching. Migrating birds returning to Africa and other lower elevations can be seen here. Revel in their songs as you hike up to the camp. You may also see the Himalayan Griffon, the lammergeier, the alpine accentor, and the great rosefinch. 

    Pros: More Cultural Enrichment Opportunities

    Autumn Harvest Festivals bring to life diverse cultural communities in the surrounding area.

    During your Mt Everest Base Camp trek, you’ll see the beauty of small towns lit up with celebrations. You may also meet Buddhist monks and Sherpas who have travelled from all over to celebrate these special occasions.  

    himalayan festival

    Cons: More Crowds

    Because of the pros mentioned above, autumn is considered the peak or busy season for the Mt Everest Base Camp trek. As a result, those benefits become the major drawbacks of hiking during this season for someone looking for a more peaceful trekking experience.

    So, If crowds aren’t your thing — and we don’t blame you — spring may be a better option.   

    Everything you need to know about the spring season trek to Everest Base Camp 

    Although October and November are the most popular months for the Everest Base Camp trek, this does not automatically make fall the best option.

    The spring trekking season lasts from March to May, and it’s an excellent time to hike to Everest Base Camp because:

    Pros: You’ll be able to see the rebirth of spring as it blooms all around you.    

    If you trek during this time, you’ll get to look at native animals emerging from their cozy winter hideaways. Sharing the trail with these local animals and their newborns will transport you to a vivid storybook or nature documentary.

    Plants will also emerge from the earth to begin their fresh first blooms of the season, making for idyllic photos you’ll cherish forever. The flowers, trees, and shrubs may be unlike anything you’ve seen. 

    You should take a cue from Mother Nature and use your time at the Mt Everest Base Camp Trek in the spring to begin a new chapter in your life. 

    After an experience like this, you’ll gain a new perspective on life and start to see the wondrous beauty in everything- at least, that is what our fellow trekkers have told us!

    Hikers who choose to trek in autumn will definitely miss out on the splendour of the Everest region awakening after a long winter’s rest.   


    Rhododendron Flowers
    Rhododendron Flowers: Rhododendron means “Rose Tree” in Greek. The trek route from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche is covered with these flowers. The entire route is very scenic. There are 2-3 variations of these flowers.

    Pros: In nature, fewer people equals more meaningful connections.

    The trails are often less crowded in the spring as compared to autumn. So, if you’re looking for quiet moments of solitude in nature, this is the time to go for your Mt Everest Base Camp trek. You’ll be able to take in everything around you while relaxing and recharging.

    Con: Weather that may be less-than-ideal 

    The unpredictable weather is one potential drawback when going to Mt Everest Base Camp Trek in the spring.  

    Even though it is almost always dry and has temperatures ranging from 5 to 20s (degrees celsius), the afternoon clouds in the vicinity could bring some rain. Please note that the temperatures may drop as you climb higher to Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche and Gorakshep. The temperature may drop below zero around evenings and it may snow. So, expect mostly sunny skies till noon with a slight chance of rain/snow later in the day.

    It’s also not uncommon for haze to appear in the spring, which can impair visibility and obscure the breathtaking views, particularly below 3,000m. Generally in the afternoon, the clouds start building, impairing visibility of the mountain ranges. Of course, these conditions do not always happen. But you should be aware that they are possible. 

    So, when is the best time to go for the Everest Base Camp trek?

    With a better understanding of each season, you can start to narrow down which is best for you.

    Should you go in October, when you’ll be surrounded by other trekkers and can enjoy the fall festival season? Is May a better month to align your inward journey and spiritual growth with the earth’s rebirth?

    These are answers only your heart knows.  

    Thus, we recommend starting with a basic pros and cons list of what draws you to each season. Allow the information in this guide to serve as a starting point for you to consider. And then make your decision from there.

    Finally, you will not be disappointed whether you choose spring or autumn for your Mt Everest Base Camp trek with TrekNomads. However, chances are that you might wish you had done your planning and taken the Mt Everest Base Camp trek sooner.

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