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    5 Best Trekking and Adventure Podcasts Trending RIGHT NOW!


    Trek, Travel, Adventure.. These three words have taken the world by storm. The amount of things you learn outdoors has no comparison to what we learn within four walls. While we all have our moments of trekking, travel, and adventure, there’s real-life that we have to get back to. And more often than not, all we want to do is go back; to those mountains, the oceans, and all the other places where we’ve left our hearts. We can watch movies, read books, or even browse through Instagram for hours, but these can hardly quench your thirst for wanderlust. This is where podcasts come into the picture. There’s nothing better than good storytelling to reel us in and take us to wonderland. We have made this list of the best trekking and adventure podcasts that are amazing and trending right now to help you get through the routine of daily life.

    Go on an audio adventure out into nature, learn from experiences, get inspired, and maybe plan your next getaway!

    The Best Trekking & Adventure Podcasts Out There:

    1. The Adventure Podcast

    First in our list of trekking & adventure podcasts out there is The Adventure Podcasts. This one tops our list for two reasons, 1 – The episodes are all about the “WHY” of adventure. The guests on the podcasts are climbers, mountaineers, expeditions, and some even scientists who’ve had the most bizarre, brave, and daring adventures across the world. These topics discussed range from solitude in the mountains, controlling the mind in extreme situations, so on, so forth. The second reason we love The Adventure is because of the shorter dispatches they push out. While most episodes range between 40-80 minutes, the also add in these tiny little episodes with quirky stories that will make you want to snuggle up with a cup of coffee. Hosted by Matt Pycroft, the podcasts on this series brings out real-life stories right to where we’re seated.

    2. Outside

    Ever heard of the Outside magazine? This trekking and adventure podcast is hosted by the magazine. Not only do they churn amazing written stories. They also convert these in podcasts. They bring their notes from the magazine to life and explore the stories of climbers, cyclists, and people who have done some badass adventure in their lives. If you listen closely, the first couple of episodes highlight the science of survival in the extremities of nature.

    3. The Musafir Stories

    While this one’s not really a trekking & adventure podcast, this is an audio travel journal that explores India. Duo Saif & Faiza have put together this podcast and they have some really amazing guests who speak about some of the places you may have on your travel bucket list around India. If you’ve been postponing your travel, their podcast might get up and plan again. You never know.

    4. Wild Ideas Worth Living

    Making the choice of living a life of our dreams isn’t easy. But there are people out there who’ve given everything they’ve got to follow their passion for the great outdoors. To live a life on the edge. Literally. Shelby Stanger, host of the show and journalist takes us through a journey where she interviews explorers, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs who’ve taken wild, wild ideas and turned them into reality. Some of which are flourishing too. This podcast will move you, leave you awe, and inspire you to take that giant leap and follow your dreams. What do we love about this podcast? The fact that some wild ideas can lead you to great big adventures. Listen to this podcast if you wish to live wildly!

    5. MtnMeister

    If you’re looking for something a little more intense, this series from our trekking and adventure podcast is a must-listen. This podcast is designed to explore the minds of people climb, what they think, and most importantly, why it’s essential for us to step outside our comfort zone. Host Ben Schneck does a fantastic job of asking questions you won’t hear in a typical interview. Notable guests on the show include Free Solo subject Alex Honnold, Sasha DiGiulian, Ueli Steck, Jeremy Jones, and other adventures in climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, and everything else in the mountains.

    6. 10Adventures Podcast

    Aimed at making adventure travel more accessible to the average person, 10Adventures immerses listeners in the thrilling lifestyle of outdoor adventure. This epic outdoor & adventure podcast shares tips, tricks, and stories to help you plan your next trip and interviews a range of guests that are passionate about their outdoor pursuits. Learn about the likes of bike touring, trekking, mountaineering, and hiking in this fun but an informative podcast. Get inspired to hike to Machu Picchu, ski the Canadian Rockies, cycle the Camino de Santiago, or trek the Himalayas.

    Have we missed out any of your favorite podcasts? Let us know in the comments below.


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