Detailed Itinerary


Located at an altitude of 3,500 m, Leh is a part of the newly formed Union Territory Ladakh. As you reach Leh, you will be greeted by our team. In the evening, you will be briefed on the plan and the other formalities. Post checking in to your hotel, you can retire for the day.
Today's plan is to help you acclimatize yourself to the altitude. You can spend the day sightseeing in Leh and visit the very famous and popularly photographed Shanti Stupa, a sacred Buddhist Stupa in Leh. Stay the night Leh and prep yourself for the trek the next day.
We will go for a medical check-up and permit procedure. Once you are okayed for the Medical check-up, you can go ahead with the permit process. You will be issued a clearance certificate after your health check-up by a positioned medical centre. The certificate will only be issued if you are deemed to be fit and fully acclimatized.
Trek Distance: 3km
Time Taken: 4-5 hr
Altitude: 3,200 m / 10,400 ft
You start your journey towards Shingra Yokma on a bus. This ride is full of bumpy roads and hairpin bends with sights of snow-capped peaks. Post the bus journey and arrival at Shingra Yokma, you start trekking towards the Sumo campsite which will be your first campsite during the trek.
Trek Distance: 12km
Time Taken: 6-7 hr
Altitude: 3,300m/10,800 ft
Today you start your trek towards the Tibb Cave. Get ready to be awestruck by nature's beauty as you will pass through ravines and gorges on the trail to Tibb. The high cliffs on either side make it impossible for sunrise to enter the area leaving the weather dull & gloomy. On reaching Tibb, you will come across a large cave which will be your campsite for the night. Once you freshen up, you will be served butter tea with some snacks. After this, you can retire for the night.
Trek Distance: 10km
Time Taken: 6 hr
Altitude: 3,398 m/11,150 ft
The trek on Day 6 is considered to be the most scenic, highly photographed and extremely rewarding. On the trek today, you come across the very famous frozen waterfall and the sacred prayer flags which will give you goosebumps. You will also come across a bridge that is built right next to the waterfall site, this also happens to be the route for people to reach Zanskar from Leh. Towards the end, you reach the next halt which is a small village called Nerak, a small community. Tonight you stay in the comforts of the village.
Trek Distance: 10km
Trek Time: 6 hr
Altitude: 3,300m/10,800 ft
Today you start your trek back to Tibb. The journey back is challenging as the river would now be reacting to the changing temperatures. You will also notice that the trail would have started looking different by now. The beauty of the trail now would be entirely different from what you saw when you started the trek. There is also a chance that you will meet locals from Zanskar wearing traditional woollen Gonchas (robes). You halt for the night in the Tibb cave where you will be camping.
Trek Distance: 13 Km
Trek Time: 5-6 hr
Altitude: 3,300 m / 10,800 ft to 3,200 m / 10,400 ft
Travel Distance: 70 Km
Travel Time: 3-4 hr
Wake up early today to start your walk back to Shingra Koma crossing Gyalpo. Today is going to be long as you would have to cover a 13 Km walk along with travel to Leh. On the trail back to Shingra Koma, you will notice high mountain passes and pugmarks on the snow. These pugmarks belong to snow animals such as Leopards, Ibex & Foxes, if we're lucky enough we may even get to spot one. Upon reaching Shingra Koma, you start your journey back to Leh and spend the night in luxury in a 3-star hotel in Leh.
Today, this incredible experience of taking on one of India's most challenging and exhilarating trails comes to an end. You wake up leisurely, freshen up, check out from the hotel and head to the airport from where you head back home.