Winter Treks in 2020

Winter Treks in 2021

A guide to winter trekking:

Winter trekking in India, especially in the Himalayas, is definitely dreamy and adventurous, only if you’re well prepared. The winter weather up in the mountains can be extremely rough and uncertain, ranging from anywhere between 20°-10° Celsius during the day and dipping to less than -10° and sometimes even -20° during the night. This winter trekking guide is equipped to help you embrace the cold no matter the temperature!

We have created a detailed snow trekking guide covers all bases with tips on what to pack, how to layer up on a winter trek, essentials you need to carry, precautions to take, and most of all, what winter trek suits you the best.

Click here to read the detailed guide on winter trekking:

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Customized Private Departures:

If you have a group of your own and wish to customize your winter trek with us, we now give you the option of customized private departures where you can customize your itinerary, departure dates and any other trek detail as per your convenience. To know more, click here: