How can we go trekking in Kashmir, and is it safe?

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    Kashmir trekking is a popular activity; with several trails of varying difficulty levels, there are numerous thrilling places for adventure seekers. From the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek to Warwan valleys, to Tarsar Marsar trek, all of them are a great treat to our eyes. The most popular trek is the seven to eight days KGL trek around the five beautiful lakes. It offers stunning views of the mountains, valleys, lakes and more. Moreover, the hospitality of Kashmiris is another beautiful factor that attracts people from across the world. However, due to the current situation in Kashmir, some risks are associated with trekking in the region. The terrorism in Kashmir scares everyone and leaves the trekkers in a dilemma of whether to trek the region. Most people set themselves back due to the risks of travelling to Kashmir. In this blog, we have discussed tips for planning a safe and enjoyable trip.

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    Is Trekking in Kashmir really safe?

    TrekNomads has been running treks in Kashmir for last 5 years. The mountains have always been incident-free. There may be a few sporadic curfews and stone-pelting incidents from time to time, but the teams are able to safely navigate through these incidents with adequate precautions. The army is very proactive, and it patrols almost everywhere, so you will always be safe. It is true that Kashmir is a troubled state. But any sort of trouble most often tends to occur closer to the border areas. Both our prime treks in kashmir- Tarsar Marsar and Kashmir great lakes trek are far from the borders. So, they’re as safe as any other trek in India.

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    How can you plan Trekking in Kashmir to minimize the risks?

    To minimize the risks of trekking in Kashmir, it is essential to research and plans your trip accordingly. Stay updated on the latest news reports and follow the advice of local authorities. It is also essential to familiarise yourself with the local area and plan your route accordingly. It would help if you trekked with an experienced guide, as they can provide advice on the safest and most efficient route. It is essential to be adequately equipped with all the necessary safety items, such as a first aid kit, sunscreen, and warm clothing. You should also ensure that you are insured before travelling and have the necessary international travel documents, such as a valid passport, itinerary, identity cards, medical certificate, passport photographs, Covid Vaccination Certificate and visa. However, the Himalayan trails and the Kashmir valleys are the least-affected areas. Thus, you need not worry about any terror attacks.

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    • If you book a trek with ‘TrekNomads,‘ you can sit back and enjoy the trek. We are well aware of the safe routes and stay updated about the upcoming uncertainties. We make it hassle-free by ensuring our client’s safety with the proper measures. 
    • Moreover, trekking routes like Sonamarg, Pahalgam and Gulmarg are army-guided routes, and the army men keep patrolling the mountain peaks to ensure the trekkers’ safety.
    • Prepare well for your trek. Do not opt for the trek if you are a beginner with basic-level fitness. We suggest training your body by practising a fitness regime by our fitness experts. You can visit our fitness blog to know more.   

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    Safety tips for trekking in Kashmir 

    Kashmir is undoubtedly heaven on Earth. When we think of Kashmir, the only thing that strikes us is the terror attacks and the clashes between India and Pakistan. Due to this, most people who desire to trek the region refrain from doing so. Although Kashmir is a terror-prone region, the Himalayan region sees few terror attacks. The Army ensures the safety of the trekkers by staying alert day and night. Moreover, the trekking regions are closed if any uncertainties are detected. However, trekking in Kashmir can be made safe by following a few safety guidelines. 

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    • First and foremost, research your trek. You should always be mindful of your surroundings and be prepared for any situation. Sticking to the trails provided and never travelling alone is also essential. 
    • If you are travelling with an experienced guide, make sure that you follow their instructions and listen to any advice they have to offer.
    • Carry valid original ID proof because you will be asked to show your ID proof at every army checkpoint. 
    • Finally, ensure you have a reliable means of calling for help in an emergency. This can be either a mobile phone or a satellite phone.
    • Be mentally and physically prepared for the trek to avoid physical strain.
    • Stay hydrated and have a proper diet. Carry some energy bars, dry fruits and drinks to sip on when you feel drained.
    • Carry the essential gear required for trekking. Wear warm and comfortable clothing. Ensure your trekking shoes are comfortable too. 
    • Ensure you have attained the fitness required for trekking. Practise a proper fitness regime before the trek. You can visit our fitness blog to get fit for the trek. 
    • Minor injuries are common during trekking, so do not panic. Keep your medicine kit ready and carry it in your backpack for minor illnesses or injuries. 
    • You can overcome altitude sickness by practising aerobics. 

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    Trekking in Kashmir- Conclusion

    Kashmir is a beautiful place to go trekking, with its stunning alpine lakes and mountains. However, due to the current political situation, some risks are associated with travelling to the region. By researching and planning your trip accordingly, you can minimize the risks and enjoy a safe and enjoyable trek. With the proper preparation and safety measures, you can have a wonderful and trouble-free trekking experience in Kashmir. 

    We suggest trekking to Kashmir with a registered guide for a safe and enjoyable journey. TrekNomads team ensures the safety of our fellow trekkers. If you book a slot with us, keep all your worries aside because our client’s safety is our top priority. We carry out all the necessary precautions to avoid risks, if any. 

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