Trekking can be fun and adventurous but also fearful due to its high altitude and long hikes. If you are a person who loves trekking but always stood back because of acrophobia and wants to overcome your fears, then the Kuari pass trek in Uttarakhand could be your way to go. Kuari pass is an easy-to-moderate trek with an altitude measuring around 3,886.2 metres. Located in Garhwal Himalayas, Kuari pass is one of the spectacular treks to visit. It was earlier known as Lord Curzon’s trial because Lord Curzon was the first to discover this trekking path. It was named Kuari later on as an ode to the local customs. Kuari, for the less aware, means ‘Untouched’ or ‘Pristine’.

kuari pass trek

Kuari pass- Best to trek in winters

Treks in winter are always amazing. Walking through the snow and the snowflakes plunging all make your tour superbly awesome. The Kuari Pass Trek, in specific, gives you a 360-degree view of the Himalayan peaks, which could make your heart throb. The temperature in winter drops down to -8 to -15 degree celsius. The following reasons in particular, could make you fall in love with Kuari Pass Trek.  

kuari pass view

Breathtaking 360-degree views of the Himalayas

It gives one of the most precise and closest views of Mt Nanda devi, the second-highest peak in India, (and the highest peak in India – which is completely inside India) with an altitude measuring 7,815.98 metres. The pristine beauty of Nanda devi, observed at such close quarters, is simply overwhelming. You might witness the snow plumes carried away from the peaks by the wind. Hathi Ghoda, which stands at an altitude of 6,726.93 metres, is another luxurious treat for your eyes. Hathi Ghoda is also known as the Elephant peak. The name depicts the appearance of the mountain. Besides this, the Kuari Pass Trek also offers an appealing view of several other isolated mountains like Mt Dronagiri, Mt Neelkanth, Chaukhamba, Trishul etc. It’s a wonderland for mountain lovers. 

winter kuari pass

Dense forest

The forest cover of the Kuari pass is simply top-notch. These are dense forests filled with Oaks, deodars and Rhododendrons. You may have seen such dense forests on other Himalayan treks, too, but the Oak Trees, in specific, make the cover special. The forest cover makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature. Now, that isn’t it, for as you start falling in love with this beauty, you see that the trails open into meadows. Being in such silence, covered with greenery around and some fantastic colours to look at, is not just a sight for the eyes but also the soul. Since we are talking about the winter trek, imagine all these colours showing along the silvery glimmer of the snow. Could the Winter views get any better?? Lastly, do not be surprised if you come across a Himalayan bear or a Leopard while chasing the trail.

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Amazing campsites

Another best part of the Kuari pass trek is its camping sites. We at TrekNomads take special care in ensuring that we camp you at places offering the best views. Whether it be the forest of Chitakantha or the meadows of Khullara, they are enough to get you over your all-day exhaustion. The spectacular view from these spots will leave you enthralled, that’s our promise! 

kuari pass base camp

Perfect for both Newbies and Skilled trekkers

The most significant advantage of this trek is that you don’t have to be a skilled trekker. As we mentioned earlier, Kuari Pass Trek is an easy to moderate difficulty trek. As a matter of fact, we usually advise first-time trekkers to begin their trekking journey with the Kuari Pass Trek. Having said that, it does not mean that you can just wake up one morning and take this trek. You will still have to work on your physical and mental well-being. Just that, it won’t be as much as the usual Himalayan treks. 

Outstanding view in winter

While the Kuari Pass Trekking experience will still score an easy 8.5/10 in other seasons, the Winter trek is an easy 11/10. It is really that good. The landscape opens into snow-filled meadows, and the lakes are frozen. You get to visit Auli, where you can get the best skiing experience. With every climb, you discover the trials’ beauty.  

Best time to visit Kuari pass: An Additional Bit

Now, while we love Kuari Pass Trek in winter alone, we know that not everyone can plan around that. Plus, we take up bookings before 3-4 months which will give us enough time to plan. For instance, at the time this blog went into publishing, we got an inquiry for a hike during Navratri in March-April. So, we thought, while we will talk about the winter Kuari Pass trek, let’s give a bit about other seasons too. So, here we go:


The beginning days of summer starting from April to June are considered best. The temperature during this term ranges between 19 to 29-degree celsius and drops down to 5 to 6 degrees Celsius. Days are marked by beaming sunlight and moderate winds. Nights are mildly colder and tolerable. These conditions make this period perfect for trekking. 

kuari pass winter


The ones who can bear temperatures below -8 to -15 degrees celsius should take up the winter visit to view the scenic beauty of Kuari pass. The snowflakes sprinkled across the landscape, showered upon the pine trees, remind you of a perfect Christmas eve. However, snow increases the challenges of trekking. Hence, you’ve got to be prepared physically and mentally. You can choose anytime between early December to Mid-February to get the best winter view as the increased snow adds more charm and makes the trial delightful.  

kuari pass winter trek

Spring and Autumn

Spring and Autumn are other great options for taking this trek. The trail appears extremely colourful, which pleases your eyes. Crisp mountains exhilarate us with their beauty. Trekking is enjoyable with greenery around and pleasing weather. The temperature in spring ranges between 10 to -3 degree celsius. Commencing from mid-September and lasts till early November. Trekking is fun during this period with a calm, pleasant and greener environment.

kuari pass winter


Though the monsoon rain at Kuari pass attracts many tourists, trekking in the monsoon can be highly challenging because of the muddy and slippery route. There is a risk of slipping while trekking in monsoon. Thus, it is better to refrain from trekking in monsoons. 

kuari pass trek

So, are you planning a trek to Kuari pass this winter? TrekNomads are back with winter trekking packages that give you an enthralling experience. If you are looking for customised treks with your family and friends, we offer customised trekking as well. Contact us at, and our trek organising experts will reach out to you. 

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