Things to pack for Kuari pass trek

    kuari pass trek

    While we all are excited about the Kuari pass trek, specific questions would be popping into your mind, like, is it going to be tough? Will I be able to complete the hike? Will my physical strength cooperate? What do I need to carry, and Should I make a checklist of items to be packed? And more. 

    Well, this blog lists the things you need to carry for the Kuari pass trek. You can add more items if needed, but these are the necessary things to carry. 

    For the other questions, there are dedicated blogs, and you can go to our website and check the entire repository on Kuari Pass. 

    kuari pass trek

    Clothing essentials you need to carry on the Kuari pass trek

    As you know that you will have to carry your luggage throughout the trek, make sure you don’t overburden yourself with that heavy luggage. Only take the clothes that are essential and can protect you from the chilly winters. Be sure to carry your winter essentials as this is a winter trek and the temperature at Kuari may go negative. We have listed below the most crucial clothing essentials you need to pack to make your job easy. And please don’t carry any shorts, denim or fancy clothes as they are unsuitable for trekking. Choose a range of dry-fit clothing over cotton. Replace your woollen sweaters with fleece jackets, as they are lightweight and can kick off the biting cold.

    • T-shirts – 6-10 (Dri-fit)
    • Trekking pants – 2-3 
    • Thermal wear – 2 pairs
    • Fleece Jackets – 1
    • Windproof jacket – 1
    • Undergarments – 6 to 10 pairs   
    • Raincoat or Poncho – 1
    • Windcheater – 1

    Your generic Kuari pass trek gear would look like this-

    kuari trek gear


    It would help if you had different pairs of footwear depending on your hiking needs. If you are an experienced trekker, you would know that your regular footwear can not do the job. Get the proper footwear for your needs. You should carry the below-mentioned footwear to avoid hurdles. 

    • Trekking shoes – You cannot go hiking with those regular shoes. So, don’t forget to carry your hiking shoes which have ankle support and are highly waterproof and insulated.
    • Slippers – You need to carry a pair of slippers for nights to make your feet comfortable after a long day of the trek.

    trekking shoes

    Warmers & Accessories

    You will only be able to enjoy the trek to its fullest if you are mentally and physically comfortable. To survive in such low temperatures, one must wear multiple layers of warmers. Believe us when we say the place is freezing in winter. To enjoy the trek with no limitations, we need to carry additional warmers like 

    • Woollen gloves, 
    • Mufflers, 
    • Woollen socks, 
    • Synthetic waterproof gloves, 
    • Balaclava and 
    • Water bottle
    • Hiking stick
    • A pair of UV protection sunglasses. warm clothes for kuari trek


    Gadgets are our life. We basically cannot live without them. What if you forget your charger, adapter, or power bank? Don’t think, please! Nobody will provide you with theirs because their chargers will be occupied for their needs. So, don’t forget to pack these few electronic essentials in your bag.

    • Power bank and chargers – Don’t forget these essentials, as your gadget’s battery will run down, capturing those picture-perfect moments and video calls to your loved ones.
    • Camera, batteries, and an additional memory card – You cannot miss capturing those beautiful memories in your DSLR. Carry a camera with more storage and extra batteries.
    • Headlamp Torch – Also, you would need a headlamp torch to get the night view

    trekking electronics

    Personal Utilities

    As our bodies get dry at such low temperatures, we must carry our personal care products to lock the moisture in and other regular products to maintain our hygiene. We all know what we need, but we made your work easier by providing you with a checklist of the personal care items you would need. Do check if you have included them in your list too. 

    • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Soap and face wash
    • Moisturisers 
    • Sunscreen lotion (SPF 50 and above)
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Toilet paper and wipes
    • Antibacterial or antifungal powder
    • Soft, quick dry towel
    • Extra bags to store your used clothing



    Temperature and surrounding changes could induce sudden changes or illnesses in your body like gastric or digestive problems, Flu, Fever, Headaches, Physical pains or infections. In order to escape certain emergencies, we must carry a few first-Aid items in the bag.

    • Paracetamol, gas relief pills, medicine for Flu or Infections
    • Bandages,
    • Pain-relief Sprays, 
    • Betadine solution
    • Hot water bag
    • Motion sickness tablets

    We recommend you consult your physician before taking any medication. Do carry your regular medications if you are on any specific. 

    PS: We at TrekNomads carry the first aid supplies and continually monitor your blood oxygen level to ensure that you remain fit and fine. However, it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe, right?

    Firstaid kit

    Snacks for Kuari pass trek

    Climbing up the trek, walking, or continuously running would drain you. To put your exhaustion to an end, we suggest you carry some quick snacks. Make sure you have something healthy that doesn’t negatively impact your digestion. We recommend you bring some healthy dry fruits because they are a rich source of nutrients and a healthy option. A few other things you can pack are listed below-

    • Trail munchies
    • Energy bars
    • Dry fruits like Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, etc.
    • Oral rehydration solution ORSL
    • Biscuits 
    • Thermo flask – 1

    snacks for kuari pass trek

    You can add something else that is not mentioned in this blog, depending on your needs. 

    Bags to carry on the Kuari pass trek

    You need to carry two bags for the Kuari pass trek:

    1. You need to carry a bigger bag of 60 to 70 litres which will be your trekking bag. All your main things such as your warm clothes, slippers, etc will be in this bag. This bag being the heavier one, can be carried by porters or on mules. It should not be more than 10 Kg. 
    2. Secondly, you have to carry 30 to 40 litres of small backpack to carry snacks, water, a camera, jackets and more. 

    trekking backpacks

    But, don’t carry any extra things you might not need and would simply burden your shoulders. Also, we would suggest you not bring plastic bottles, alcohol, sodas, unhealthy drinks or food, etc. 

    Let’s all meet at Kuari. We are as excited as you are and are looking for ways to resolve your queries through our blogs. Explore our blog section for more information on the Kuari pass trek and if you want to get in a direct conversation with the team, you know how to find us.

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