How do you guys celebrate the coming of the new year?

Are you the party kind of person, or do you go on hikes or just sit at home and chill? The writer is more of the latter- the sit-at-home and chill and sometimes that becomes a significant disadvantage because if a blog needs to be written, then guess who is the one who gets caught?

However, this writer also loves all the happy messages you leave upon reading their pieces. Thus, every time an opportunity to write comes, this person jumps with happiness! Today is no different. The writer is delighted writing for you all but the glimmer of happiness today is extra!

Guess why?

Because TrekNomads’ calendar lists out the extended weekends and treks so well, with an extended weekend falling almost every month and the treks listed out next to them- the task immediately after writing this piece will be booking the tickets!

Now, if you haven’t downloaded your free copy, you can click on this link!!

In the meantime, let me list your extended weekends and the treks you can take during them.

Extended Weekend 1: January

Unfortunately, this year 1st Jan fell on a Sunday and killed a holiday for us. However, 26th Jan, i.e., Republic Day, is on Thursday, and honestly, no one expects you to work on a Friday after that. Yes, your teammates/bosses may give you some work, but deep down, we all know the truth.

So, instead of sitting half-hearted in the office, why not take an off on 27th Jan and make it a four-day weekend. The Chadar Trek, Brahmatal Top Trek, and Kedarkantha Peak treks are suitable to plan around this time. Our suggestion would be to go for Chadar Trek in Jan since Brahmatal and Kedarkantha can be done later in the year too. However, Jan will be a fantastic time to take up the Chadar Frozen River Trek and fulfil your destiny of walking on water!!

checklist for chadar trek
Chadar Trek
Brahmatal trek
Brahmatal trek

Extended Weekend 2: February

The shortest month of the year comes with its gifts, too, with the Maha Shivratri falling on the 18th, a Saturday. Now, you can take the 17th, i.e., Friday, off and turn it into a three-day extended weekend. The treks that you can take up in Feb are the Kuari Pass Trek, the Brahmatal Top Trek, and the Kedarkantha Peak Trek. Kuari pass trek and Kedarkantha trek are the most sought-after treks in uttarakhand, especially in winters.  

Kedarkantha trek
Kedarkantha trek

Extended Weekend 3: March

Unless you are someone who loves Holi, you can make the respective weekend a fantastic trekking experience. So, Holi is on 8th March, which is a Wednesday. Add the 9th and 10th of March to it, and you’ll look at a 5-day weekend! 

Holi, for the audience that isn’t as versed with the concept is the festival of colours. Celebrated mostly in North India, the festival has a flavour of its own. If you are someone who is visiting India from any international location, we would suggest to couple your treks with a few sojourns to other cities as well. For instance, you must definitely visit the Holi at Barsana (near Mathura) which is on of it’s kind. 

Coming to the treks, you can take the Sandakphu Trek or the Har ki Dun Trek, or you can simply close the financial year with aplomb with a trek to the Annapurna Base Camp that will usually happen towards the end of the Month (if the weather permits).

sandakphu trek
Sandakphu trek
Har ki dun trek
Har ki dun trek

Extended Weekend 4: April

Mahavir Jayanti is on the 4th of April, which is a Tuesday. Now, you and the writer both know that the Monday in between would be as good as “Why is it even there?”. So, instead of getting hit by the Monday Blues, soak in the pristine blues of the Goechala Trek, the Everest Base Camp Trek, or the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Believe us; you would be just out of the first quarter of the year and need this freshness to have a great 2nd quarter!

You see- “it boosts productivity, Management will understand!”

goechala trek
Goechala Trek
Annapurna Circuit trek

Extended Weekend 5: May

May is the month that sees many people undertaking the Annapurna Circuit Trek and the EBC trek (but through Gokyo Ri because of the exquisite beauty). Pangarchulla is another common trek undertaken during this period. The good thing is that with Buddha Purnima falling on the 5th, i.e., a Friday, just a Thursday (4th May) off will have you set for planning a trek to either of the locations mentioned above. May is the perfect season to go trekking since the pre-monsoon skies are just the right amount of cloudy to make them look like heaven. 

PS: If you are a photographer, this is the season to trek!!

gokyo ri
EBC Gokyo Ri
pangarchulla summit blog
Pangarchulla trek

Extended Weekend 6: June

June marks the beginning of treks to the Valley of Flowers trek, paving the way for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek and the Tarsar Marsar trek in the upcoming months. 

We suggest you go for the Valley of Flowers in June, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek in July, and the Tarsar Marsar Trek in August. 29th June, i.e., Thursday, is Bakr-Eid. You can take an off on 30th June and make it a four day weekend. Honestly though, you can take either in June but sometimes, it is a good idea to plan because holidays are always limited.

Kashmir great lakes trek
Kashmir great lakes trek
Valley of Flowers trek

No Weekend: July

We won’t write anything against this month because it is the birth month for some of our closest friends but seriously- how much would it have hurt to have an extended weekend in this month too? The United States celebrates its independence this month, how about we got some independence from our job too? Nevertheless, the next couple of months seem to be making up for this. Let’s see how!!

Extended Weekend 7: August

We all know about Indian Independence Day, which will fall on a Tuesday this time. Club it with an off on 14th August, i.e., a Monday, and we have a four-day weekend again. August is usually characterised with heavy monsoons. However, you might want to check out some most sought after treks in Kashmir, i.e the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and the Tarsar Marsar Trek.

Tarsar Marsar Trek
Tarsar Marsar Trek

However, there are multiple weekend treks (one/two days) that you can take depending upon wherever you are. In case you are in Bangalore, well then, TrekNomads has you covered.

Extended Weekend 8 and 9: September

You must have noticed that July kind of ditched us in the extended weekend department. But then, isn’t 2023 a year of blessings!! Well, September comes with two extended weekends for you. One is the 7th-8th Sept when, Janmashmti falls on the 7th, i.e., a Thursday. The other extended weekend is towards the month’s end, with Eid-e-Milad falling on the 28th. Club it with an off on Friday, i.e., 29th Sept. EBC and ACT are the two treks that are major hot sellers during this time.

EBC Trek

Extended Weekend 10 and 11: October

Talk about having a Bonanza!! October comes with two extended weekends too. One would be the Gandhi Jayanti one where you can take an off on 3rd Oct, i.e., Tuesday. The second extended weekend is the 23rd Oct one. If you do not have plans for Dussehra falling on the 24th (Tuesday), just take 23rd off. The treks to check out in October are ACT, EBC (via Gokyo Ri and Chola Pass), the Goechala Trek, and the Har Ki Dun Trek.

ACT Trek

Extended Weekend 12 and 13: November

At this point, the writer has already let out an excited shriek. This is the third month in a row with two extended weekends- why would one not be SUPER HAPPY??!!

One extended weekend is, of course, the Diwali one, i.e., the 12th-14th one, and another one is the Gurunanak Jayanti one, with the Jayanti falling on the 27th Nov. The treks to go for in November are Pangarchulla Trek, the Sandakphu Trek, and the Goechala Trek.

sandakphu trek
sandakphu trek
goechala trek
goechala trek

Extended Weekend 14: December

Finally, as we close yet another happy year, December comes with its gift in the form of the perfect treks to take to welcome another year. With Christmas falling on a Monday and the 31st just in sight, just take as many off as you want and have a gala time! The minimum you can do is to take an off on 26th Dec, i.e., Tuesday, and wringing in the new year with a trek to either Kuari Pass, Brahmatal, or Kedarkantha Peak.

Kuari Pass trek
Kuari Pass trek

So, folks, this blog will serve as a quick reckoner for the amazing weekends ahead. Do book your treks in advance.

Meanwhile, the writer is booking one for themselves.

Have a Happy New Year Ahead!!

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