Trailing its way through the multiple monasteries and remote villages lies the highest point of West Bengal at 3636m- Sandakphu. Offering breathtaking views of some of the world’s highest peaks, Mt Everest, Mt Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu, the Sandakphu trek is a treat to behold. The trek goes through the beautiful Singalila National Park where you can get glimpses of rare species such as the Red Pandas and the Himalayan Black bears. The landscapes encountered during the Sandakphu trek are diverse and awe-inspiring. From dense forests and verdant meadows to snow-clad peaks and panoramic sunsets, the diversity of the flora and fauna here is mesmerizing. Sandakphu is one trek you should not miss. In this blog, though, let us talk about the seven best places to visit while on the Sandakphu trek or the longer Sandakphu-Phalut trek!


Location-wise, Tumling is situated in Nepal, but given its proximity, it is one of the most popular places for the Sandakphu trek. This quaint hamlet is full of homestays owned by Nepali Sherpas and is located pretty close to the Singalila National Park-Sandkphu checkpoint. Trekking towards Tumling comes with its scenic views; you’ll get to see diverse flora and fauna. Alternatively, if you are short on time, rent a Land Rover to get to Tumling from Manebhanjan. Just make sure that you account for the weather around the time you are trekking, as it may be fairly tricky and block the views with the fog. Also, the clear skies here offer a fantastic opportunity for stargazing and clicking the beautiful star trail pictures. Located about 19 km from Sandakphu, Tumling is also close to exciting places like Tonglu and Gairibas, which you can explore during your stay.

Tumling - Visit in Sandakphu


Located en route Sandakphu from Manebhanjan, Tonglu is a beautiful village in West Bengal. It’s fairly similar to Tumling when it comes to the homestays and local culture. What sets it apart is that Tonglu (at an elevation of about 3036m) is one of the many majestic peaks of the Singalila range. The climate here is reasonably cold. You will get to see a large number of rhododendron if you trek during the summer season; in winter, it will mostly be barren. You can see Mt Kanchenjunga from almost everywhere in Tonglu. If you notice carefully, you will also see the Koshi River and towns like Darjeeling and Kurseong from there. Although renting a Land Rover from Manebhanjan is a more comfortable and easy way to visit Tonglu or Sandakphu, trekking is the best way to enjoy this place’s beauty thoroughly.

Tonglu - Visit in Sandakphu


This is an extension of the Sandakphu trek. You can either go for the Sandakphu trek or the slightly lengthier and tougher Sandakphu Phalut. Located at about 3600m above sea level, Phalut offers mesmerizing views of Mount Kanchenjunga, Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. 

To reach Phalut, you need an entire day to trek. Although the journey is exhilarating, the trekking route to Phalut from Sandakphu is comparatively flatter, the final km is steeper. Some people take around 8 hours to get there while others take less time. 

Phalut - Visit in Sandakphu


This is the place where most trekkers go for refreshments! Not that it is full of some Michelin-star restaurants, but the fact that Meghma is a stunning village with exceptionally welcoming locals makes it a fan favourite. Located at an altitude of 2899m, Meghma is just 9km from Manebhanjan. There is a Buddhist Monastery too in this region, which makes for a major attraction of this place. Just for your information, Meghma is roughly 23 km from Sandakphu.

Meghma - Visit in Sandakphu


While Chitrey is just 3km from Manebhanjan, this is usually the place for the first overnight stay, as the pathway to Chitrey from Manebhanjan is extremely exhausting. The trek is a steep uphill climb, after all. There is a Buddhist Monastery right in the heart of the village, an excellent place to explore. The local eateries serve some fantastic local dishes too. In addition to this, Chitrey offers a beautiful view of Mount Kanchenjunga. This site’s altitude is 2542m, so the climate here is warmer than most sites on the Sandakphu trekking route.

Chitrey - Visit in Sandakphu


Located roughly 32km from Sandakphu, Manebhanjan is the starting point of the trek. Needless to say, most people do their essential trek shopping here only. Manebhanjan is also the point where you have to get permission should you want to enter the Singalila National Park. If you want to take a car instead of trekking, your Land Rovers will also be rented from here. Given all the tourist influx, this place is extremely lively. Also, while TrekNomads will take care of all your accommodation needs, you can also choose to stay at the multiple homestays available.

Manebhanjan - Visit in Sandakphu


Coming to the last entrant on the list, we have Srikhola- a beautiful stop located en route to Sandakphu. Situated at 2103m above sea level, Srikhola is the place to visit while on the descent. Most trekkers visit Srikhola while descending from Phalut or Sandakphu, but you can also go there from NJP or Darjeeling. One of the main attractions of the Srikhola village is the Srikhola River located over there. The river is magnificent, and many people prefer to bathe in it. As some homestays are located there, many trekkers prefer to stay there overnight.

Srikhola - Visit in Sandakphu

While staying at Srikhola, you can also visit Singalila National Park. You can spot some wild animals over there. The entire village is surrounded by the thick alpine forest consisting of oak, birch, and fir trees. You can even sit by the river and participate in fishing.

Sandakphu is easily one of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world. While many people choose to take a jeep to the location, you can trust us when we say the trek is worth every step. Hoping this blog and the pics associated with it gave you some perspective and motivation to take this one!


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