Nomad Testimonials

We are extremely happy to give you a glimpse of the experience our Nomads have had with us on our treks. 

Testimonials from our One-Day Treks 

I have completed the Karadi Kallu betta trek recently with the team and it was a great experience. Great choice of Base camp and lots of activities like Zipline and kayaking was also arranged. The food at the resort was nothing less than good restaurant-style food. This is an excellent choice for a family outing. The transport facility was also well arranged. Keep doing a great job trek nomads team. I look forward to other treks with the team.

- Sachin Hebbar (Trek to Karadi Kallu Betta)

Very good experience with TrekNomads. We recently had Skandagiri Trek with them. Really enjoyed it. The most appreciated thing in them is, what they care for nature. On the way back from the trek we picked up the litters, to maintain the beauty of nature as it is. Will be looking forward to having an exciting trek with these guys again.

- Vatsala Agarwal (Trek to Skandagiri)

Travelling helps you understand and discover yourself in a different light. Connecting with nature and experiencing joys of life through experiences such as treks may not be everyone's cup of tea, but trust me - trek nomads can change that for you. Its been almost a week but the memories of a one-day trek linger and unfailingly put a smile on your face. Thank you TrekNomads for making it an awesome experience and building that unique camaraderie, turning an all-women trip to that of wonder women on the go! :)

- Mariam Taqui Ali (Trek to Karadi Kallu Betta)

Testimonials from our Two-Day Treks 

Went for the Kudremukh trek with TrekNomads! Trust me it was the best trek of my life. The services provided by TrekNomads were just amazing. Our trek leader Naveen was extremely helpful throughout the trek and was guiding us and taking care of us in all the possible ways. Thanks a lot TrekNomads for providing me with such an amazing experience. Looking forward to be your nomad again in future!

- Ankit Saxena (Trek to Kudremukha)

This was one of the best treks that I’ve been on after a very long time. I learnt a whole lot during the trek and had super fun. The first thing that age is just a number cause the senior-most person in the group was in his early 40s and he was very fit. Treknomads had organized the trek so well that the whole trip was really smooth. I met so many new people and Naveen and team made sure that everyone was engaged even after the trek and we got to know each other well. This is one group I will surely tell my friends to go for treks with and I will surely try my best to make it for all the treks as these guys are all about trek, travel and adventure. I have never been on treks where it rains. And it started raining heavily as we descended. The feeling was just amazing. The highlight of the trek was a lot of things. I made friends with people, learned a lot about pushing my limits to reach a goal, how to take people with me while trekking and so much more. They were very encouraging and patient with all of us. Right from the time we boarded the AC TT bus to the time I got back home, everything was arranged exceedingly well. The resort where we stayed was beyond beautiful and the food was super yum. I’m glad that I joined these guys on this trek. I’ve made so many memories and the fun I’ve had in those two days with stay with me for a long time. I will try my best to make it if not all, at least one trek every two months because you guys make Trekking super fun and adventurous! I have met so many amazing and inspiring people during this trek and what I’ve learned from them cannot be described. I would like to conclude by saying the TrekNomads is doing a great job by building this community of trekking and nature enthusiasts. Anytime you guys have a trek count me in.

- Vignesh Nathan (Trek to Tadiyandamol)

Scary, Adventurous, Toughest Trek ~ Kumara Parvatha, but having TrekNomads as our trek partner we enjoyed and completed our trek happily. They helped us in every possible way from starting the trip till the end you reach your home. Keep up the good work 

- Prachi Verma (Trek to Kumara Parvatha)

Testimonials from our Himalayan Treks 

Amazing experience with TrekNomads. This was my first trek ever and I didn't think it was possible for me to attempt a major trek like Hemkund and Valley of flowers, but surprisingly everything went off smoothly. exceptionally well organized and guided by the team we were well taken care of in terms of food, accommodation and most importantly the Trek itself..would definitely trek with them again!

- Prathibha Lokesh (Trek to Valley of Flowers)

A girl's getaway trip which was supposed to be in exotic beach locations ended in all of us signing up for the longest trek of our lives. The firsts in one's life are always special and etched in one's mind and heart. So is my first 9-day trek with TrekNomads to the magnificent valley of flowers and the mighty, immaculate, and self-reflecting Hemkund Sahib gurdwara. Before the start of our trip, the group had a briefing session with Naveen and our expectations were realistically set. We were confident of undertaking this journey under Naveen's guidance. The acclimatization climb from Auli to Gorson Bugyal was of utmost importance to me and the first-hand test of my will power and endurance. Naveen was very supportive and encouraging throughout. The 30 secs short breaks helped and I successfully managed it to the top. We had well-balanced breakfast and lunch packets for all 5 days of the trek, decent and comfortable accommodation, and tasty food. The entire team had all the logistics worked out and ensured our safety. Naveen is knowledgeable in his domain and we were benefited with insights he had to share about Uttarakhand, the rivers, the prayags, local culture, history, etc which gave a different perspective to how we viewed the mountains.

The trek bug has bitten me and I'm most certainly going to embark on another expedition soon. I strongly recommend TrekNomads as your trek companion. Thank you, Naveen for making my first an unforgettable and soul-satisfying experience!

- Sujani Raned (Trek to Valley of Flowers)

Pangarchulla summit trek will be one of the most awesome week of my life! The experience has been great with every detail accounted for and planned for by the TrekNomads team. This was my first “snow trek” in the Himalayas and it has indeed left with greater respect for the Mountaineers. A special note of thanks to Naveen for guiding all of us and providing us with a quick lesson on ascending and descending technique while climbing a snow-clad mountain, crossing across a snow slope or even walking on plain snow. Though it seemed easy from far off, it does indeed need the presence of mind and technique to manage the walk/climb. I was happy to know that Naveen, has passed out of Jawahar Institute of mountaineering, Pahalgam, No doubt he seemed like fish to water on the snow/mountains. When at Mountains, of all I have heard is ‘if the fatigue doesn’t kill the altitude sickness (AMS) would certainly be a major spoilsport’. Very thankful that none of us had any such issues. However, we understood the importance of gradual gaining of altitude, acclimatizing our bodies in those altitudes since our trek plan by TrekNomads was impeccable considering this very important and effective detail. The gradual gain of altitude spread across 3 days prepared us to acclimatize thoroughly, check the pace of trekking. Not to forget the important fact – to remind ourselves that we are amidst nature’s finest creation “The great Himalayas” and everything that is mesmerizing about it. We were in awe as Naveen kept us telling the names of the peaks that were surrounded by us as and when they were visible to us, the higher we climbed. The beautiful Gorsan Bugyal, Ghoda – Hathi Parbath, Nandadevi, The great Dronagiri…. It was magical. The campsites were simply superb. The most surprising and astonishing part was that other than our tents, we had a kitchen and dining tent, with a dining table and camping chairs!!. Wow!!!. That was a super surprise to expect at that particular place in all of the world. Obviously, it was presumed that we would have a very limited variety of food for 4 nights of our camp. However, the TrekNomads team did not cease to surprise us with a variety of food. Elaborate- Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. To be precise most of the items did not even repeat for the 4 nights we camped. It is indeed a herculean task to manage all such variety and that too so far off from civilization, which comes effective on the ground due to sheer planning and execution.

Our trek Captain Naveen ensured that he checked up on us every day in the morning and evening on our blood oxygen levels and BP. He kept talking to all of us individually checking up on our physical condition and also explaining identifying the symptoms of AMS. He kept reiterating on do’s & don’t’ s- patiently. Naveen ensured that he kept on checking with each individual based on his observation of 3 prior days of the trek, before starting the summit trek. As we all know each individual is different and may not match the pace equally, however, he ensured that the slow movers were ahead and the rest of them were following. This is a very important factor in boosting one’s (slow movers) morale and does not give a ‘let down’ feeling at all. Having said that, it is imperative to have all the guidelines followed on keeping oneself fit enough as per the pre-trek planning provided by TrekNomads. They pretty much provide every detail right from what to pack to what to exercise. Must say that it does help and definitely something serious to follow up on.

Lucky us that we got pleasant weather, cold evenings, rainy nights, awesome snowy mountains, clear skies, lush green meadows …..Just about everything during our trek. To add to the story, we even add our 4 legged furry friends accompanying us throughout the trek until we said bye to them. On our way back as time permitted, we did get a chance to visit one of the Chardham temples – Badrinath, last Indian village – Mana ( We did even have chai in the last Indian chai shop J ). Got a chance to see all the Holy prayags – Dev Prayag, Rudra Prayag, Karna Prayag, Nanda Prayag & Vishnu Prayag (Holy river confluences) too.

The Mighty Mountains beckons – when at its abode, it commands respect, it teaches humility, patience, discipline, it makes you adapt and the list goes on and on... What more a better way than to partner with TrekNomads for such a beautiful trek which can become a beautiful memory.

- Mahesha Gowda (Trek to Pangarchulla Peak)