Embarking on Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek through the breathtaking landscapes of the Kashmir region is an adventure that promises to leave you spellbound. Nestled in the heart of the mighty Himalayas, this trek offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and wanderers alike. Amidst the soaring peaks, lush green meadows, sparkling lakes, and cascading waterfalls lie a series of exquisite campsites that serve as havens for weary trekkers. In this blog, we invite you to delve into the captivating world of the Tarsar Marsar trek and discover the magical campsites that await your arrival.

The importance of campsites on Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek 

When camping in India, it’s very rare that you get to set up a tent next to an alpine lake. On this beautiful trek, you can set up your tents next to Tarsar and Sundarsar lakes. Both of these campsites are very different, just like the lakes themselves. Being in this kind of environment takes away your stress and makes you more relaxed than you could be in any other place. While camping, you realize there are many other things to discover without technology. When you stay at campsites, you can get close to nature, witness wildlife, and even go stargazing— all the things that are hard to do in the city. On any other trek, you won’t come across a view as beautiful as this one. The gushing stream from Tarsar Lake is another beautiful view this camping spot offers.

Generally, once the trekkers finish the breakfast and start trekking towards the next campsite, the support staff dismantle the earlier campsite and start towards the next campsite. They reach before the trekkers. By the time trekkers reach in the late afternoon/early evening – their tents are pitched and tea/snacks are ready for them. They can wash their hands/faces in the nearby stream, change and enjoy. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about the campsites on the Tarsar Marsar Kashmir Trek. 

tarsar marsar trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek Campsites Overview

Sr.No Location Altitude  Distance between the campsites
1 Aru Campsite 7,920 ft (2,414 m)
2 Lidder Campsite 9,022 ft (2,750 m) 13 Kms
3 Sekhwas Campsite 11,154 ft (3,340 m) 6 Kms
4 Tarsar Lake Campsite 12,451 ft (3,795 m) 6 Kms
5 Sundarsar Campsite 12,945 ft (3,946 m) 6 Km via Tarsar/Sonamous Pass
6 Homwas Campsite 11,300 ft (3,444 m) 9 Km via Marsar Lake


Aru campsite

On day 2 of the Tarsar Marsar Kashmir Trek, we will go from Srinagar to Sonmarg and then to Aru. Aru is a small town in a beautiful place that is the starting point for the Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek. Aru is surrounded by meadows and is at an altitude of 7,920 ft (2,414 m). The cottages, the poplar trees, and the stream that runs right through the middle of the town have all made Aru famous. It is a trendy tourist spot that will be crowded with tourists. You will go through plains, woods, and even snow-covered mountains. You will arrive at our camping site in Aru in the evening, where you will be resting till the end of the day by the riverside. 

aru campsite

Lidderwat campsite

The trek starts with a pleasant ascent through the pine forests that takes around two to three hours. After that, a short trek along the Lidder River will bring you to a tea stall. You should be able to see the rest house in Lidder Forest after hiking further for another hour. The Lidder campsite is on the other side of the river, so you’ll need to cross a bridge to get there. 

At the Lidderwat campsite, you can see where the streams from Kohlai Peak and Tarsar come together. At the campsite, you will be surrounded by beautiful mountains along with green grasslands. You will be staying by the riverside at the campsite or Gujjar huts overnight. 

Lidderwat campsite

Sekhwas campsite

From the Lidderwat Campsite, we start our journey to Sekhwas. Along the way, you’ll meet several friendly shepherds, and the valley itself is beautiful. Next, we will keep climbing steadily for another hour to reach the Sekhwas campsite. From this campsite, you can see the mountains surrounding this area and also the trail that leads to Tarsar Lake. We can also visit the Jadar Lake that is situated at a short distance from the Shekwas campsite, and return before sunset. It is the best place to take photos of the stars at night, with the river beside your campsite. 

Tarsar Campsite

From Shekwas up to Tarsar Lake, the mountain is a slow climb through fields, valleys, streams, and rocks. As you go further up, you can see amazing views of the land around you. The total distance from Shekwas to Tarsar is about 6 km, and the total height gain is 1,297 ft (445 m). In Tarsar, the water in the lake is very clear. The campsite at Tarsar Lake is right by the water, and you can see Tarsar Lake in the distance. You set up camp on the green meadows next to the lake. When you leave your campsite, you can see the sparkling Tarsar Lake and snow-capped mountains in the distance.

From Tarsar Lake, you can see the water rushing down the mountains. Spend a lovely evening taking a walk around this beautiful lake. Evenings will be cool, and you can enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the rocks. This campsite is a fun and exciting place for trekkers to stay. This place has minimal light pollution of any kind, which makes it a great place to take pictures of the Milky Way. The best time to do the Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek is from July to September when you can see the most beautiful views. 

Tarsar Campsite

Sundarsar Campsite

Sundarsar is an excellent location for unique camping adventures. At the beginning of the year, the mountains around the campsite at the Sundersar lake are snow-capped, and the image of those mountains in the lake is beautiful. Having a view like that right before your tent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Walking down the valley, we walk next to a stream where the water flows from Sundarsar Lake. Take a break and enjoy the peaceful views of Sundarsar Lake. As we go around Sundarsar, we have to pass through some boulder sections en route to the Homwas campsite.

Homwas Campsite

After you’ve taken in the beautiful views of these lakes, you’ll start going down towards Homwas. You will set up camp for the evening at Homwas. You can take a break and check out the Homwas camping, which you skipped the first time. In the Homwas Valley, a steep drop of more than 1645 ft (502 m) takes place across a series of fields. The hike from Sundarsar to Homwas would take around 4 hours. Each of these fields has a small stream that flows into the meadow below. There, it joins with other water to form a body of water that is as clear as glass and then flows over the edge of the cliff as a waterfall. Again, the meadows of the Homwas Valley are a beautiful example of how nature works. It has little streams, brooks, and green fields. You’ll head to Homwas to set up camp and spend the last night looking at the clear night sky.

Homwas Campsite

Water sources and availability

The water in Tarsar Lake is of quality drinking water. However, we advise our trekkers to drink purified water – through tablets or purifiers. On request, we provide boiled or hot water to the trekkers at the hotels. 

Campsite facilities (toilet tents, kitchen tents, dining area, etc.)

Treknomads will provide trekkers with twin/triple sharing tents, Kitchen & Dining tents, and Toilet tents. So we ensure you with the best accommodation on the Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek. 

Tarsar Marsar Kashmir Trek – Conclusion

Tarsar Marsar trek is a moderately difficult trek. During the Tarsar Marsar trek, you will come across valley fields with a thick layer of green plants. Flowers of many different colors cover the fields like a carpet. The view that you will see looks like heaven itself. Every day of your Tarsar Marsar trek experience, the sights you see will leave you stunned and unable to do anything but stop, stare, and cherish them. 

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