The Tarsar Marsar trek is one of the best treks in the Himalayas. Trekking through some of Kashmir’s most beautiful valleys, you’ll get amazing views of Tarsar and Marsar Lakes. When planning your trek, you need to know what to pack with you. If you’re going on a trek, you must bring proper shoes, clothes, water bottles, first aid kits, and more. Now, it is okay if you need clarification about what is proper and how to pack. We’ve got your back, so relax! 

tarsar marsar lake trek

In this blog, we will be talking about all the things to pack for the Tarsar Marsar lake trek. 

Clothing and Footwear to carry for the Tarsar Marsar lake trek 

Pack the right clothes to keep you warm, dry, and safe from the weather to get the most out of your trekking trip. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to go on a trek. The most important thing to look for in trekking clothes is a fabric that can absorb sweat and keep you dry. So, most trekking clothes use synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. These materials are not only lightweight, but they are also quick to dry and good at absorbing sweat. They last longer than most natural materials like cotton. Warm layers, rain gear, shirts, and trousers that dry quickly are all important pieces of equipment. Regarding footwear, trekking boots with good grip and slippers are a must-have on the Tarsar Marsar Lake trek. 

1. Footwear

  • Trekking Shoes – While looking for a good pair of trekking shoes, you should ensure they have high-rise ankle support with waterproofing and insulation properties. 
  • Slippers – When you hike all day, be sure you also have open-toe slippers, allowing your feet to get some air and rest. 

2. Clothing

When it comes to layering clothes, it is essential to adapt to various weather and rain patterns on the Tarsar Marsar Lake trek. Layering your clothes correctly is the best way to stay warm while trekking in high altitudes where the temperatures drop drastically. Dress in layers that are right for the temperature to adapt to the constantly changing weather. Thermal wear is the best base layer to wear. Use lightweight, breathable clothes that are very good at holding heat. Over your base layer, you can put on a T-shirt for warmth and comfort, then woolen fleece for extra warmth, and finally, a waterproof jacket or a rain poncho if it rains.

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Trekking Gear for Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek 

When it comes to trekking gear, things like sleeping bags, utensils, and ropes will all be provided by TrekNomads. To make the trek more comfortable, it would be best if you bring the following optional gear – 

  • UV protection sunglasses (because snow blindness is a thing) – Category 3 Polarized Sunglasses
  • Head Torch
  • Daypack (25 to 30 liters)
  • Rucksack (50 to 60 Liters)
  • Medicine Kit – essential medicines; please consult your physician for all required medicines.
  • Body Warmers
  • Hot water bag
  • Thermos flask – 1 liter
  • Trail munchies
  • Ziplock or poly bags to compartmentalize wet, dry, and dirty stuff
  • Trek Poles

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First Aid Kit for Tarsar Marsar lake trek 

Many people think they’ll only need their first aid kit once they’re already in that situation. Trekking can be dangerous on slippery or uneven ground, especially in rocky or steep terrain. This is especially true in places with steep hills or mountains. Changes in temperature and surroundings can cause rapid changes or illnesses in the body, such as stomach aches or digestive problems, the flu, fever, headaches, or other physical problems or infections. You need to have some essential first-aid items with you in case something terrible happens. Here are some of the essential items for the kit – 

  • Please consult your doctor before taking any medications
  • Bandages,
  • Pain-relief Sprays, 
  • Betadine solution
  • Hot water bag
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Antiseptic cream

Even though we recommend bringing only what is necessary in a first aid kit, the trek leader will also have a Basic First aid Kit and an oxygen cylinder, just in case. 

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Miscellaneous Items for tarsar marsar lake trek 

Bring a reusable water bottle to avoid littering on the trek. When going out in the sun, wearing protective gear like sunglasses, lip balm, moisturizer, and sunscreen is essential. The higher you go, the sun rays are more powerful. Exposure to cold, dry air can cause dryness and irritation in the skin.

If you want to take many pictures, carry a camera and a good battery backup. Using just your phone to take pictures can quickly drain its battery. It is also important to note that you won’t be able to use electricity anywhere on the trek. Because of this, you must bring extra batteries, portable chargers, and all the necessary wires you would need. 

tarsar marsar lake trek

Tips to pack lighter for the Tarsar Marsar lake trek 

Pick the correct gears for Tarsar Marsar Make Trek 

One of the most important things to do before a trek is to check your bag carefully. This step is essential to ensure the gear works well and to determine if any fixes are r\equired. It also helps eliminate unnecessary gears, which can save some weight. Since most camping gear here is heavy and oversized, this helps determine if each piece is essential and if it can be swapped out for something smaller and lighter. 

Plan out how you’re going to pack.

Finding even the most essential things you need on the trek might be challenging when you have limited time. A fanny pack is an excellent way to carry lip balm, sunscreen, headlamps, and other small items when hiking. 

Try to find smaller versions of everything.

Please don’t fill your bag with a 500ml bottle of shampoo that you wont need. Bring a portable bottle of shampoo, body wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, and other toiletries. You can use paper soap instead of your regular hand soap. Usually, ten to twenty paper soaps fit in one box and don’t take up much space.

Use packing cubes that you can use more than once.

When you go trekking on the Tarsar Marsar Lake trek, use packing cubes to pack your things in an organised manner. They make it easy to sort your things into different groups, and since they stack up nicely, they will help in saving space. It’s also much easier to find what you need in a bag when you pack it this way.

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Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek: Conclusion

Just thinking about packing light does not work. Think about what you need to bring and only bring that. Don’t bring something with you just in case you need it later. There are a lot of times when handy things you bring with you are not used at all. To make sure you pack right, make a packing list as a starting point, customize it based on your needs and preferences, and pack accordingly. Doing this can reduce the weight you don’t need and make your trek more efficient.

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