As the world continues to battle against the pandemic COVID-19, it is no surprise that several sectors have taken a back seat. Among these, the travel, tourism and trekking industry in India has taken the biggest hit due to COVID-19.

The trekking industry has lost 3 main months of business from March up until the end of May. Bearing in mind the present situation, we are currently expecting a dull season for the next 3 months as well. 

Trekkers and travel enthusiasts from all across the country have had to cancel and/or postpone their trek plans indefinitely due to the uprise of the pandemic in the past couple of months. 

As a community, our ecosystem is built to connect trekkers directly with trek guides/porters/kitchen staff, etc from the mountains and this means that we are responsible for taking care of both our trekkers and our partners.

With the success we've seen in our last Mission Rebuild Kodagu campaign from our Nomads, we request your support to make this campaign a success as well.  

Why support the cause - #NomadsAgainstCorona

Our trekking community is closely knit. The more people trek, the more livelihoods we are able to sustain economically and financially. The current pandemic has not only taken away approximately 6 months of trekking season but has also left the staff with an absolute cash crunch to meet their daily needs. 

The #NomadsAgainstCorona campaign works towards solving the crucial situation of cash crunch that our on-ground communities are facing through a donation drive. Secondly, helping Nomads plan for the future by investing in trek vouchers that will in turn help in contributing to the daily lives of our on-ground staff with assured employment in the future. 

With every voucher bought, we ensure that the revival of the trekking industry as soon as the pandemic ends, and with every donation made, we ensure that at least one family gets to survive this crucial time.

Join the cause to save and revive our trekking community. 

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How does the campaign work?

For Nomads:

To help our Nomads plan ahead without a hassle, we introduce - Prepaid Trekcation Vouchers that will help you: 

Redeem discounted vouchers on any trek departure in the future at any point of time:

Buy the voucher now with an exclusive discount and unconditional redeeming options on any departure in our inventory for any time in the future. No hidden charges. No time limit. Easily transferable. 

Gift the voucher to a loved one:

Celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions do not need to stop due to COVID-19. If your friend, family or loved one loves trekking coupled with travel and adventure, a trekcation voucher is a perfect gift that will help them plan their future adventures with ease. If there is one thing we have learned from this lockdown, it is the memories we make that count. Make the occasion even special with an experiential gift. 

Plan ahead:

If you’re someone who loves to trek, get a trek voucher, and start planning ahead. There’s nothing like heading out on an assured trekcation when the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Donating for the trekking community:

Did you know? 70% of the local communities revenue depends on tourism. From porters to chefs, small tea/coffee/maggi shops along the trail, trek guides and many more such people lives that depend on the revenues that come from daily wages. Not only are they stranded in the mountains, but they are now struggling to make ends meet. This situation will not help them sustain much longer especially as we see no trek happening until later this year. 

We have come up with an initiative, where you can help sustain the lives of these people by helping them financially.

All donations made will be wired to the local communities (identified by TrekNomads team at different mountain ranges) directly, ensuring that they are safe and financially stable for the next couple of months.